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Auto bender series
ZY-510CA Automatic Rule Bending Machine
ZY-510B General type auto bender
ZY-510C Fully auto bender
ZY-100 Creasing machine
ZY-510A precision auto bender
Laser cutting machine series
ZY1218-1500W Laser cutting machine
ZY1218-1000W Laser cutting machine
ZY1218-300W GSI laser cutting machine
ZY-1530High power laser cutting machine
ZY1218-400W Laser cutting machine
LED bonder series
ZY-270AGeneral high speed LED Bonder
ZY-270BMulti-function LED bonder
ZY-270C Up-down feeding LED bonder
K-200 IC high speed Bonder
K-100 IC high speed bonder
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ZY-100 Creasing machine
1.Possess of functions such as automatic bridging ,cutting.
2.ZY-100 suitable for creasing rule and cutting rule (two rule holder),replace the rule quickly and accuracy .
3.Self-developed updated automatic bending control system, easy to operate,can be updated.
4.Complete English interface ,easy to learn and easy to understand.
5.Roller continuous feeding with servo digtal work mode.(No need to feed with tool post repeated ,high accuracy and speed)
6.Control system support vari
ZY-100 Creasing machine      
Intro Download Video

Machine size


Machine weight


Power supply

220V AC 50Hz

Support Format



P4 configuration,19’’ LCD


15 kg/cm2

Air pressure


Computer system

Microsoft Windows 2000XP

Creasing rule height


Creasing rule thickness

0.71mm-1. 5mm

Brige Width




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