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HUAZHENGYUAN > Products > Laser cutting machine series
ZY1218-300W GSI laser cutting machine
Laser Power: 300W GSI laser from UK
Worktable Size: 1200mm*1800mm

Special characteristics of the product:
Cutting Capacity
Die-board: 18-22mm; Mild Steel: 2mm; Stainless Steel: 1mm

ZY1218-300W GSI laser cutting machine      
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1. Machine body process need 3 times heat treatment, this can help reduce the machine body natural mechanical deformation to a minimum, this process seldom Chinese laser machine manufacturer done.
2. Machine main specification:
1) Imported ABBA Ball screw & linear guide machine, this can keep  high quality, high precision cutting.
2) Imported Yaskawa or Mitsubishi  servo motor drive, provide high precision motion control.
3) Imported chiller, specialized for laser systems
4) Auto-following system, thats mean even if the plywood surface not flat, the cutting head can auto moving, keep the cutting kerf consistency.
5) Less floor space of machine, light duty design;
6) Turn on the machine then can working, need not preheat.
7) Save money, low consumption, low cost. the machine body working only needs 4-5 kw/h power supply, no other fees.
3 .Laser tube
1) Laser stable
UK, GSI Laser is best 200 Watts Sealed Co2 laser in the world now, new laser can use15000-20000 hours, and very stable, our company is largest user in China, and has used for 6 years, its stable after testing, and after 20000 hours, can recharge gas at USD5000, then it will be a new laser tube for customer again, you also can choose 100W or 300W GSI Laser.
Our machines also install large power fast axial flow co2 Germany ROFIN China laser, 700W, 1500W.
2) Cutting capacity
200W GSI Laser machine at least can cut 30 pieces die-board (normal size at 60mm*80mm) each day at working 8 hours. As usual the die-maker owner is enough, if more also can work more hours every day.
The machine not only can cut plywood 18-22mm, also can cut 2mm steel sheet. And up to 35mm acrylic;
So, the customer also can expand the own business.

4.Machine parameters

Laser output power

300W GSI Laser from UK

X-axis travel-length


Y-axis travel-length


Positioning Precision


Cutting speed of positioning


Controlling system

Motion control card

Transmission system

Ball screw & linear guide

Driving system

3 Axial servo

Moving structure

Flying optics

Moving structure


Chiller system

Water Chiller system for imported laser tube

Overall dimensions (LWH)




Power supply






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