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After-sale Service
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No.1 Service System
    As always, we will provide fine and efficient service to all customers and constantly improve our service so that both you and I can obtain the best benefits.

No.2 Service Department
   There are many experienced engineers in our Technology Department who can solve a lot of trouble. Research and Development Department is superior to Technology Department. Those people can settle the problems unsolved by Technology Department, and they also provide customized products according to special requirements and secondary development.

No.3 Technic and Operation Training
    For foreign customers, we will provide overseas training within a week. Our training includes technic training and operation training so that the customers can control and operate correctly the machine. 

No.4 Service Commitment
We can improve the system performance and repair or replace the faulty machine for free in the guarantee period except of wearing parts and easily expendables. We can sign a maintenance contract after the warranty.
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