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    We have established a perfect quality management system and we are in strict accordance with the standards of ISO9001:2000 quality system-driven. We take measures in quality and product safety.

No.1 Quality Assurance Measures:
     According to the standards of ISO9001:2000, we strictly take quality assurance measures during purchase, manufacture, outgoing quality control and after-sale service.

1. About purchase

    Firstly, we choose appropriate suppliers. For main raw material and components, we choose well-known brands, and those suppliers all provide certified products. We will revaluate all suppliers annually to ensure our suppliers are qualified. Secondly, we have established a perfect incoming inspection system. We have incoming quality control to examine all raw material and parts.

2.About manufacture

    For quality control in the production process, we combine self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection. If there were defective products, we would not ignore. At the same time, we must accomplish the following three steps: The first is to solve the problem. The second is to find improvement measures. The third is to teach the person concerned a lesson. Then we have set up a system of quality statistic and objective assessment so that we can get the best machine. What’s more, we take advantage of advanced techniques and fabricating machinery to manufacture the qualified machines by the guidance of special engineers.

3.About outgoing quality control

    All finished machines that delivered to our customers are inspected by professional quality inspectors. We also match related technical dates(such as blueprint, test report and operating instruction) and quality grantee. To ensure all machines delivered are qualified, we have regular  trainings. At the same time, we have regular sampling inspection.

4.About after-sale service

    We established the after-sale service department. The after-sale staff can offer training(such as operation, maintaining) and service overseas. We can provide life-long services and spare parts. At the same time, our engineers will feedback to improve our mechanical properties and services. 

No.2 Safety Precautions

    The safety performance of machine is one of the most important principles. We have taken strictly measures during the product design, production, test and packing etc. During the test, we examine not only the electrical performance but also safety performance. The electrical performance have proved by CE certification. In terms of packing and shipping, we pack machine with waterproof and moisture-proof preservative film & fine wooden case.

No.3 Quality Commitment

    We can improve the system performance and repair or replace the faulty machine for free in the guarantee period except of wearing parts and easily expendables. We can sign a maintenance contract after the warranty.
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